HTML 101 (For More Expressive Comments)

HTML makes you wonder about the Christianity versus atheism debateSome of the discussions through comments at this blog have been long and involved, and I thank all the participants for making this a more interesting place.

Comments here on WordPress can use HTML, so I wanted to give a couple of suggestions in case you want to make comments a little easier to read.

To quote a previous post or comment: surround the quoted material with <blockquote> and </blockquote>.

To italicize something: surround the words to be italicized with <em> and </em>.

To insert a hyperlink: surround the text to get the link like this: <a href=”entire URL goes here”> and </a>.

And it doesn’t hurt to start with the name of the person you’re replying to.  Example:


<blockquote>That was a savagely witty comment.</blockquote>

Thanks!  You’ll find <em>nothing but</em> savage wit at <a href=”“>Galileo Unchained</a>.



That was a savagely witty comment.

Thanks!  You’ll find nothing but savage wit at Galileo Unchained.

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7 thoughts on “HTML 101 (For More Expressive Comments)

  1. Practicing HTML.

    Keith Brown’s review of Cross Examined: An Unconventional Spiritual Journey:

    This novel combines a great story with philosophical discourse. The story centers around the aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, but the scene provides a stage through which the main characters can wrestle with the existential questions concerning the existence of God and the meaning of life. I was thoroughly captivated and enjoyed every page. I enthusiastically recommend this book.

  2. And of course the metaquestion, Bob, is “How do you tell somebody how to use HTML without having your pre-HTML (typed) examples appear in their post-HTML (published) formatting?”. For example, I used an HTML command to generate boldface in the previous sentence, but I can’t show you in THIS sentence what I typed without inadvertently activating the HTML again. But you were able to do it somehow. What is your secret, O wizard?

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