A National Registry of Atheists? Y’know–Like Sex Offenders.

The Thinking Atheist has created a very polished rebuttal to this proposal from a pastor.

Yeah…he’s a nobody, but Florida “pastor” Michael Stahl has provided a great excuse to remind others just how many atheists and free-thinkers affect our lives and cultures every day. Stahl has suggested that known atheists be categorized on a list he called “The Christian National Registry of Atheists.” Imagine what kind of names, past and present, such a list would provide.

Another resource is W.A. Smith’s Who’s Who in Hell (2000), a 5 pound, 9 ounce tome listing humanists, freethinkers, naturalists, rationalists, and non-theists throughout history.

My only concern is that Stahl might well respond that these intellectuals and changemakers are indeed who he’d like to see marginalized!

2 thoughts on “A National Registry of Atheists? Y’know–Like Sex Offenders.

  1. But how do those convicted sex offenders, ex convicts, and hate groups feel about being compared to (ugh!) ATHEISTS? They’re probably as upset with that preacher as anyone can be. Many if not most convicted and incarcerated criminals in the USA generally undergo a “jailhouse conversion” and become Good Christians in front of parole boards and such. If they said they were like atheists (or anything other than The Majority Religion) they might NEVER be allowed out of prison!

    This preacher may have more to worry about than just a bunch of online activist atheists.

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